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While many entrepreneurs face similar challenges, your business needs a unique  and tailored-for-you approach to finding solutions. Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of team delivering services, FXO is here to elevate the way you do business.

About Us

At FXO Consulting, we take a dynamic approach to help service-based businesses focus on developing their core capabilities while enhancing profitability and operational success within the organization. With a foundation of over 20 years of experience in corporate finance and accounting, FXO provides the expertise and guidance to deliver simplified solutions that are customized for each client. Our main objective is to find solutions that eliminate the feeling of overwhelm that often comes with running a business.  

Financial and operational management issues can be complex and frustrating unless you have processes in place that are based on best practices designed for your long-term success. Many businesses don’t make it through the first five years in business. FXO is a trusted partner that guides entrepreneurs through complex challenges to get to long-term growth.

Our services are designed to be somewhere between traditional bookkeeper and traditional year end accountant – an approach that is designed to meet every entrepreneur’s needs. The partnerships we have with every client are built on championing their strengths, while set the foundations for profitability and success.

Meet the Founder
Carleen Dehaney


Meet the Founder
Carleen Dehaney

FXO Consulting Founder and CEO Carleen Dehaney is a forward-thinking business professional with over two decades of management experience in business finance and operations. Carleen has successful C-suite experience in both the for profit and not for profit sectors within a diverse range of industries, both in Canada and Internationally. She also holds accounting designations from both Canada and the UK and a degree in Accounting and Law.

With a successful corporate career under her belt and extensive training in various disciplines, Carleen now uses her knowledge and experience to empower entrepreneurs and guide them toward a trajectory of long-term growth and profit.

Carleen is not a traditional or typical business coach. She helps you get things done and keep you accountable through expert, practical business guidance and services that you can’t get from your bookkeeper, your accountant, or a traditional business coach.

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Our Values


Consistency and accountability are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that our services play an integral role in the success of your business and for our relationship to be successful our goals need to be aligned.


We value our client relationships, but more importantly we want you to feel like you can depend on us to find the best solutions for you. We aim to be a reliable source that you can always depend on – even in the most difficult of circumstances.


We maintain open and honest communication every step of the way. It is important that you can trust that we will always put your best interests first so you can have confidence in moving forward.

Results Driven

We provide expert guidance and support to make your business more successful. We will elevate your skills and your mindset so you can make informed business decisions to meet your big, bold goals.